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All Natural Body Care Basics

Only the best ingredients, from nature. We make all of our all natural soaps, bath salts, and lip balms by hand and we take special care in selecting the elements that go into the products we make. We'll never make anything with a synthetic preservative or chemical, and we choose certified organic materials everywhere we can. We use the products we make and so do our families and friends, to clean, brighten, and refresh ourselves and our homes. We think that when you use one of our all natural formulas--whether you are lathering up with an herbal soap to combat dry skin or smoothing on one of our essential oil lip balms just to pamper yourself--that you'll understand why we want to share them with the people we care about. We are proud to offer you our all natural body care products and we hope you enjoy them just as much as we do!

Why Elementalities?

An elementality is something that is made up of the simplest pieces. The things we make are uncomplicated and all natural, so in that way the things we make are are elementalities. Elementality is also the shortening of two words: element and mentality. We like to think that an elementality is also a way of thinking about things--the way you think about things when you try to make everything in your life simple. That's why everything we send out comes with just enough packaging to protect it, and we use biodegradable and recyclable materials everywhere we can.

Our belief that things should be simple is also reflected in the way we treat you. We respect your privacy. We don't keep any information about you at our website. We use PayPal so that all of your orders will be secure. We welcome your questions and comments. You can choose a way to contact us here.

Some of our favorite ingredients:

Flax Oil Flax oil is full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and is an excellent natural treatment for dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. We pair this oil up with primrose oil, vitamins, aloe vera, cucumber and other oils for our flax oil & aloe soap. We also have an option without aloe for those who may be sensitive or allergic.

Cinnamon Cinnamon has antibacterial properties, constricts and tones tissues, relieves pain and stiffness of muscles and joints (it has been used for arthritis), stimulates circulation, and prevents urinary tract infections. It has also been used as a stimulant, to close pores, as an antifungal, and for nausea.

Ginger Ginger has been used to remove toxins. It fights nausea and cramps, improves circulation, and works as an anti-inflammatory. You may notice that it makes your skin feel warmer.

Clary Sage & Geranium Oil These herbs have been used to regulate emotions and hormones. Clary sage has been used as a natural antiseptic, an acne-fighter, a cramp and headache reliever, and a relaxant. Geranium oil has also been used as a relaxant and is used to balance "combination" dry and oily skin.

Lemon Grass Two particulary common uses for lemon grass are acne and athlete's foot. In general, lemon grass has been used as a mild astringent, to close pores, as an antiseptic, and as an antifungal.

Ylang Ylang Ylang Ylang has been used for insomnia, nervous tension, anger, stress, and as an aphrodisiac!

Elementalities is proud to be a sponsor of:

The American Cancer Society
Oklahoma Community Theatre Association
Pet's and People Humane Society of Yukon, OK
Oklahoma Society of CPAs

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The statements on the Elementalities webpages have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Although herbs and essential oils can be therapeutic, they can also be dangerous--many of our most powerful drugs are derived from plants. The product descriptions describe benefits and side effects that some people have noticed using similar combinations of ingredients. In no way are they meant to suggest that any product is safe for you or anyone to use--every person reacts to herbs and essential oils in a different way. Nor are they guaranteed to work for anything mentioned in the descriptions. We recommend that you always speak to a health care practitioner about the possible therapeutic use of our products, and to a pharmacist to discuss drug interactions, BEFORE using these or any products for health care.